AI Automated Health Platform

About The Platform

35-50% of the adult population in developed countries have at least 1 long term condition (LTC). NHS England spends £77 billion (70%) of its budgeton LTCs. USA healthcare spend on chronic disease is over $1 trillion annually.

Planes fly on autopilot and cars are driving themselves, yet the algorithm to manage conditions such as diabetes and hypertension is locked inside doctors and nurses.

The YourDr platform will integrate with healthcare systems, providers and patients in a consistent way to deliver artificial intelligent healthcare that integrates information from multiple sources, communicates with patients and makes clinical decisions. Providers of algorithms and machine learning will be able to access our platform and provide modules for various diseases or conditions on a revenue sharing basis.

Health care providers will choose what modules they wish to access. Such access would provide a competitive incentive for the best algorithms to be developed to improve the quality and economy of providing patient care.