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AI in Health Care Report – Reform

A comprehensive report ‘AI in Health Care’ by Reform was released this week.

It covers many aspects of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in healthcare and is worth a read.

The governance of potential AI in the UK is important to note. Currently the MHRA provides guidance regarding healthcare devices and applications. The report does make some further suggestions:

The Medicine and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency and NHS Digital should
assemble a team dedicated to developing a framework for the ethical and safe
applications of AI in the NHS. The framework should include what type of pre-release
trials should be carried out and how the AI algorithms should be continuously monitored.

Where Thinks Tanks publish reports so government usually follows!

Dr Simon Gilbert

.AI domains

I’ve noticed more and more .AI domains recently. These actually come from Anguilla but can be registered if you are not based there. It’s an interesting process – you won’t find .AI domains on GoDaddy, 123reg or 1&1. You have to either use niche registrars or you can contact Vince who manages the Anguilla domains. He takes Bitcoin so this could be a very expensive or very cheap domain depending on when you buy it!

Regardless, YourDr.AI has been applied for. I think it’s snappy and reflects our plans for an international platform.

Dr Simon Gilbert

Happy New Year!

Happy 2018! This year we will be looking for partners to create our platform for ‘Automated Health’.

Please see our white paper all about the YourDr platform.

Dr Simon Gilbert